Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Irrational fear

I've never had irrational fears.

I know people that are afraid of monkeys, clowns, oompa-loompas, technology, rodents, and a number of other things that really won't harm you in any way. I mean, oompa-loompas, they are fictional for goodness sake.

I never understood irrational fears.

I can understand why some people are afraid of heights, or dogs, or even driving. Under the right set of circumstances, all of these things can prove dangerous and could cause physical harm.

I, on the other hand probably don't fear enough. I'm not above saying it , I'm cocky, on a good day anyway.

I fear very little for myself. All my fears pertain to my daughter. I fear for her safety, her up bringing, her happiness.

I fear above all else what would happen to her if I weren't there for her.

I don't have time for irrational fears. I have enough to worry about in the real world, without worrying about clowns attacking me in my sleep.

So thank you to the worriers. The world needs you just as much as it needs the overly confident like me. And to those of you in the middle, thank you for balancing us extremists.

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