Monday, October 6, 2014

"Act in black and white. Think in shades of gray."--ME

I had an amazing professor in college.  This man was less like a professor, and more like a life coach.  He was the kind of teacher that tried to show you the bigger picture.  He tried to open our minds and make us look at the world from our own great vantage point that only we could. 

For our final project in one of his classes, we had to imagine that we were ourselves in the future and we bumped into a classmate at a bar in New York City.  We needed to give a detailed account of the conversation that took place in this futuristic meeting.  There were several points he wanted us to hit, including what we had done for a living the last several years, where we were living, and what brought us to the city.  The part that stuck out for me then, and still sticks in my head to this day was a quote.  We had to create an original quote to leave this former classmate with. 

I remember thinking about what my quote would be longer than I spent on the rest of this paper.  It was the last thing I completed.  I knew it had to be something lasting and resonating.  I needed to think of something future Megan would be proud of.  I couldn't write a quote that was cliché, or trending.  It needed to be timeless.  After all, future me would be wiser than college me. 

I am still proud of my quote.  But more importantly, I am proud of myself for not only pushing through and writing any old thing to finish the assignment, but for actually trying to get something out of it.  I didn't realize at the time that I was absorbing so much from my professor, but now I am eternally grateful he was a part of my life.

Thank you for all you taught me.

"Act in black and white.  Think in shades of gray." --Megan Schneider

P.S.- You're awesome.  Pass it on.

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