Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small Stuff You Can Sweat

Often, we become so swept up in the activities that keep us on the run everyday, that we become angry or bitter towards the experiences we don't have time for.

We slowly become the doctors appointments, the drive to work and the dinners on the run.  We all have days when the people in our lives try our patience. Everyone has days when they snap at their children or spouse without meaning to. There are days we all feel frustrated with the idea of running to the grocery store or driving home in traffic.

Some of us handle it better than others.  Jane may take a hot shower after work.  Johnny may kick the cat.  Not every approach is a good one.

The point is, we lose sight of the wonderful things we should be appreciating. Of course there are the majors, like a home or your health. Then there are the smaller things we often overlook or take for granted. These are the everyday occurrences that warm our hearts or bring an unexpected smile to our faces.

Some of mine are the moments when my daughter runs from the bus stairs into my
arms. It is the smile of a stranger in the market and a friendly hello, or when the sun strikes my cheek on a breezy afternoon when I can hear the crisp leaves scattering on the pavement. I even still bask in my mother telling me she loves me.

Though these moments are short lived, they are what makes the mundane activities of everyday extraordinary.

Take some time to see what small acts warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. It may be the cute cashier at the convenient store smiling her flirty smile at you.  It may be the few quite moments you spend in bed each evening before falling to sleep.

The significance of their insignificance may surprise you.

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