Thursday, February 23, 2012


Overeating has been a problem today.  I seem to have a hunger that nothing can satisfy. 

Sadness makes you react in  strange ways.  Even when you try to avoid it, it creeps up on you and attacks. 

My grief is alive today.  Always, but today it is strong.  His memory seems to be alive and so I would like to dedicate this to him.

We will love you always.


Drifters are those people that are not rooted to life.  They are the people who drift through the lives of others, offering something of value, and then disappearing from your life just as quickly and unexpectedly as they came.

I knew a drifter once.  To realize one has been in your life is a gift. 

I met Brian when I was 17.  We started dating six months later.  A year after, we were expecting.  With Brain came his family, as anyone who is married knows.

Enter my drifter.

He was harsh.  He was blunt.  He held a grudge.  He was a rough man who had taken on the world and lived to tell about it.  He was Brian's father.

We didn't always see eye to eye.  In fact, there were times I was not welcome in his home. 

There were times when we got along famously.  He had years of experience and wisdom to share, but was only willing if he knew you were listening, not just hearing. 

He was 55 when he died. 

I knew him for seven years.  We fought.  We argued.  We laughed until we cried.  We became family.  He helped me raise a little lady.  He helped me grow up. 

I loved him.

I always will.

R.I.P.  William Atkins
June 23, 1956 to February 23, 2011

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