Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want to be a...

Have you ever stopped to think about all the things you have ever wanted to be?

When you were little, you probably wanted a very official job, like a fireman or a ballerina. Or maybe you wanted to be Batman, or a princess. No matter what it was, you could look into the future and see yourself as your goal.

How many things did you want to be before today?

I can remember wanting to be a teacher, a dancer, a choreographer, an artist, and a detective like on Law and Order.

I thought about being a manager, a cook, a restaurant owner, a psychologist, a comedian, a historian working for a museum, and a script writer.

Now, today, I am working to become a media person. I want to be involved in what we think of as media (tv, radio, newspapers, and the Internet).

The point is, there are a million things we can see ourselves doing with our lives, and that vision changes as we grow and change ourselves.

We learn and we gain interest in different topics and fields. All of the experiences we have help determine the career decisions we make, and ultimately decide what we will call ourselves.

One day, when I am older and my child tells her significant other about me, she will say I'm a journalist, or a designer, or a retired cat lady.

The choices I make today will effect what I am labeled as in the memory of those who will tell my story.

That doesn't have to be just one thing and it doesn't have to remain the same. It will change with me.

Every day is a new chance to be something, to do something.

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