Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear You,

Dear You,

Hi there. 

Just some notes from me to you...

Stop worrying.  Everything may not turn out exactly the way you imagined but I promise it will turn out the way it is meant to. You have all you need to lead a fabulous life. 

Keep your head up.  I know sometimes you get discouraged and think that things will never get better, but they always have and they always will.  Life is a cycle.  It has highs.  It has lows.  Consider all of these moments before you let yourself get down.

Smile.  It makes you and the people around you happier.

Slow down.  Look around and appreciate the now.  Even when life gets busy and you can't seem to find time to shower and shave, let alone notice the picture the baby left you on the table, open your eyes. Look at your life and experience all of it. 

Keep up the good work.


P.S.-You're awesome. 
         Pass it on.

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