Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Is not a Myth

This man is my inspiration of the week.  I would personally like to thank Mr. Kenny Thompson for setting an example worthy of following.  

While parents in Baton Rouge are attempting to segregate their middle to upper class children from the children in lower income families in the area, this man is doing something truly wonderful for the lower income level families in his Texas school district.  Thompson paid the delenquent cafeteria tabs for all of the elementary school students in his district.  

Instead of blaming the children for the poor economic climate we have created for them to grow in, this man took the initiative to support his community. 

This is an example that NEEDS to be followed by more people.  Share this story with your friends and help me in thanking this stand up gentleman on his generosity and for showing the rest of us that there is still some good in the world.  


P.S.-You're awesome.  
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