Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I recently read an article that described all the stereotypes in Disney movies.

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Now I am not saying that these stereotypes are not present, but I am saying that you do not notice them as a child.  It takes an adult to see the negatives in these films.  I can remember watching them as a child, and never once did I think to myself 'the bad guy has the voice of a black man.'  That never occurred to me and in fact I couldn't tell the difference until my late teens or early twenties.

But I did learn things from Disney films both as a child and as an adult.

The Jungle Book
     Child Me: learned that nature was a beautiful but dangerous
     Adult Me: learned that in life there are always second chances.

     Child Me: learned that if you are always yourself, someone will
                      love you for it.
     Adult Me: learned that if you believe you can make a difference,
                      you will.

The Lion King
     Child Me: learned that one person can make all the difference.
     Adult Me: learned that after the loss of a loved one, life may
                      seem like it is over, but after the  proper grieving
                      period, life will go on and you will find yourself

      Child Me: learned that nature is more wondrous and powerful
                       than we can imagine and it should be respected and cared for.
      Adult Me: learned that, although the trees don't really talk to you, you can still have a relationship
                       with nature that is refreshing and surprising.  (And also that the history is not always 
                       solid in Disney films.)

The Emperor's New Groove
     Child Me: learned that if you are selfish no one will like you.
     Adult Me: learned that if you can live in harmony with those around you, you will live the richest

Peter  Pan
     Child Me: learned that you don't need to be an adult to care for those around you, like Peter cared
                      for the lost boys.
     Adult Me: learned that I should never take anything too seriously and should always remember to
                      have a little fun.

101 Dalmatians
     Child Me: learned that some people really are just bad people.
     Adult Me: learned that family is whom you make it.

And last but not least

Lady and The Tramp  and The Aristocats....because let's face it, they were almost the same story.
     Child Me: learned that love can be surprising.
     Adult Me: learned that love can be found in the most unlikely of places.

I'm sure there were many others, but for now, I suppose this shows what is seen through the eyes of someone who was enjoying the films for what they were and not looking for something negative.  So what did you learn from Disney?

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  1. "Old Yeller"; 1957
    Child Me: Sad story of love and loss, a bond between a kid and his dog,sometimes in life, although not easy, you just need to do what you need to do.
    Adult Me: Sometimes in life, need to exercise restraint without just doing what you feel necessary and consider all the implications. Cant just go shooting sick dogs to put them out of their misery. These days, SPCA/lawers/law enforcement/politicians, etc, etc, etc and whole slew of other groups will make it their goal to make your life difficult.

    "The Love Bug"; 1968
    Child Me: Touching story of cute, talking car that knows how to swim on water. I wanna get a bug when I grow up!!!
    Adult Me: Cars really aren't that cute, and when they speak to ya usually means it's gonna end up costing a bunch to repair. Also, along with actually speaking (well, maybe some do now...) car's haven't figured out how to swim, yet. Not even "bugs." And, when in water those former mentioned groups that like to make life difficult and drain even more money outta ya get real interested. Not to mention the costs associated with environment cleanup/remediation, department of environmental protection mingling, auto towing services, insurance policies, inspections, keeping up with nextdoor Jones',Co2 emissions, increasing fuel costs, etc, etc, etc. YUK!!!

    "The Wizard of Oz"; 1939 (perhaps not Disney; oh well...sue me!)
    Child Me: Colorful, interesting story about poor people trying to help each other with things they'd like to have when they are all down on their luck. In the end they are all happy and ending is good.
    Adult Me: Politically charged satire regarding a difficult period in time post Great Depression.
    Dorthy - simple, naive and young. Representative of the American people taken advantage of and uprooted by the tornado/great depression.
    Tin Man - strong, without heart. Representative of American industry, company/union tensions.
    Lion - cowardly, indecisive. Representative of American politicians and politics in general.
    Tornado - uprooted the life of Dorthy. Representative of the Great Depression itself.
    Story - characters uprooted by tornado/depression with entire way of life changed. Trying to find there way back to normal life by way of "golden road" traveled to "emerald city" with Dorthy dancing in her silver slippers the entire time. Representative of American people trying to find way to prosperity after economic depression while dealing with labor/union problems, lack of political backbone, work and labor difficulties etc, etc, etc...Perhaps, a good time now to revisit this great American classic???