Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad,

Like millions of other unprepared teenagers will do this month, my baby sister graduated high school.  Naturally, my parents are worried about her future, her security, education, job options, and lifestyle in general.  All of their concern got me thinking about my own relationship with my parents, and if their worry and agitation from the decisions we make ever really changes.

If you need an example of what I mean, think of a time your parents aggressively offered their opinion or advice on a decision you made about what car you were going to buy, who you decided to date/marry, disciplining your child, or where you wanted to live. 

So for everyone out there. parent or child, who may have some idea of what I'm talking about...
here we go.

Dear Mom and Dad,
         I understand that you have an overwhelming sense of responsibility to assure that my life turns out perfect.  You want me to have the best of things for myself and my children and may even wish for me  to become successful enough to care for you without worry in your later years.  I know you have lived longer and have experienced more, and I appreciate all of your advice and concern; and would certainly miss your pointers if you were to cut me off from your input.

However, I will find my way. 

Remember that you raised me, and my decisions stem from the education, life experience, stories, morals and ideals that came from you.  Have faith in my ability to find my path with the life compass you provided.  I may not always choose the road you would choose for me, but I will discover the life that is right for me. 

Know that I love you, that I appreciate all you have done and will do for me.  Know I think of how you will judge my life decisions, no matter how conscious or subconsciously, prior to making my final decision.  You are always with me in some way, an it is in that way we choose these things together.

There is no need to be angry because of a decision I have made.  Every path leads to something and the possibilities could be greater than you may be able to see at the moment.  Believe that I will steer my life in a direction that will make me successful and happy in the ways  I define those two ideas and those ideas again come from the life you have given me.   You may not understand why or how but I know the answers and if you ask me I will tell you.   That is the beauty of growing up. I will make my way just as you did.
I love you even though there are times I may not like you. 
Trust and believe and one day I will make you proud.

Standing on my own two feet,
Your son/ daughter


  1. Great open letter dear, I found myself thinking these same sorts of thoughts this week as well. Keep up the growth and keep on the path and enjoy the journey.

  2. I loved this. It seems we all feel that way with our parents. They need to learn, that we need to struggle like they did to learn and grow. Life isn't easy, but it should be fun. They should give advice, but not make the final decision. It's your life. They're living their own reality. It's time to live your own reality.