Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sometimes the best thing you can do to ease a troubled mind is to daydream.  Day dreaming is the sweetest and most honest form of fantasizing that you can do any time and any where. 

I daydream constantly. That's the great part.

I can be at work on the outside, surrounded by co workers and strangers alike, people barking orders at me in hostile and ignorant tones, the sounds of the coffee grinder and cash register in the background and the kitchen bell ringing for my attention; BUT on the inside I am imagining having dinner with the cute guy at the counter, what I would wear, where we would go, and the goofy things he would say in an attempt to win me over.

The experience is indulgent and refreshing.  It allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of your average day and experience a more relaxed version of your life.

The events you imagine may never come to pass, or those daydreams may help give you the courage to change your life and move towards your fantasy life.

So spend some time every so often focusing on your daydreams.  You may find something out about yourself or discover something worth changing your life for.


  1. At times I want to enact my daydreams. Then I remember the laws of time, space and physics are not under my control. It's fun to try though.

  2. People ARE in fact able to control their destinies and dreaming, as surprising at it may seem, turns out to be a very big part of making things, please do NOT ever stop your dreaming!!!