Monday, June 20, 2011

Words to Live By

As a writer, I am naturally drawn to words.  I express my emotions through writing.  I play word games for fun, and I even use words in most of the decorating in my home.  So it only comes naturally to me that words hold a deep meaning for me.

Think about it.  Words can inspire, hurt, clarify, protect, create and destroy.  The power of a word is nothing short of awesome.


I __________ You.  The word you place in the blank makes all the difference.

This brings us to the moral of my story.  Don't say words unless you are committed to their meaning.  The words (and all the power they possess) spew from your lips and enter the ear space of another person.  That person then absorbs the power of the words in some way based on your choice of words and their meanings.  This process creates emotions within the person hearing them, that, depending on what was said, could create a negative response.

Always be prepared to stand behind the words that you speak.  Whether you are in the heat of an argument, the decor in your home, or just in the midst of an afternoon conversation, your words carry meaning and power that creep into the thoughts, hearts and decisions of those that hear them.  When you say hurtful things, you should not be surprised when the receiver becomes angry or upset.  Whether you think you meant to hurt them or not, you knew the meanings of the words you chose and you let the words pass through your lips.

So the next time you tell your boyfriend you hate his mother, be sure that you really hate his mother, and you are not simply angry.

The sign above my bed says 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight'.  I mean always.  Angry with you or not I expect that to stand because I stand by my words.  I meant what I said and I said what I meant...Horton was a genius. 

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  1. Interesting article and nicely written. It is difficult dealing with a society so conditioned and ready to "sling" words around without taking time to consider the impacts.
    Have you ever pursued any of the following? (lie vs lay; effect vs affect; then vs than; ie vs ex)