Monday, August 15, 2011

25 Things I Have Learned

People say that you should learn something new everyday.  I believe that we all learn an insurmountable amount of important lessons each day that we may not even realize.  These are things that may teach a moral, draw out generalities or sift through the sand to make the bigger life picture clear.  Most days, these moments probably pass you by without you ever taking into consideration the impact they have made on the way you see and live your life.

Today, I want to share a project inspired by my friends, family, and the wonderful Ed Ackerman.  Any of you that have had the privilege of taking Ed's feature writing course will know this one well.

I will be sharing 25 things that I have learned this week.  Here we go.

1. A kiss is never 'just a kiss'.
2. Time always speeds by when you are enjoying the experience.
3. Connecting with strangers is often as simple as a smile.
4. Intense situations never play out as good or as bad as you imagined. 
5. Distance is nothing in a deep rooted friendship.
6. Love takes many forms and changes many times through the years.
7. There is never a dull moment.
8. The sound of the rain pattering on the deck on a dreary day makes staying inside a treat.
9. Take time to sit back and enjoy the view.
10. People often see you far differently than you see yourself.
11. I blush. A lot.
12. The three year old will repeat 'goddamn it' every time you say it.
13. It is sometimes harder to be honest with yourself, than it is to be honest with those around you.
14. The most important people in our lives are often the ones we have hurt the most.
15. I look great in orange.
16. When you are arguing with someone, all the music on the radio seems to speak their point.
17. The answer that makes the child stop asking 'why' is 'y is a crooked letter'.
18. Age is often an irrelevant number that cannot be used to define how a person will behave.
19. Certain words are almost taboo in adult life, such as date, love, and affair.
20. Desperation and poor decision making skills go hand in hand.
21. I have tolerance in abundance and patience in short supply.
22. Everything is open to interpretation.
23. A simple soft caress of the cheek can carry a message faster and better than words.
24. It all works out the way it is supposed to.

25. I will survive. :)

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