Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Lies Inside

There are decisions in every ones life that require a strenuous amount of deliberation and emotion to determine the proper choice has been made.  For some of these decisions, one may seek the counsel of friends, family or even professionals before deciding what will be right for them.  But in the end, the only person qualified t make the decision about what is right for them is in fact them. 

Sure, it is nice to feel as though you have backup, even if it is silent third party backup, with absolutely no stake in the decision; but once you choose the path to steer your ship of life to, you ride the wave alone.

I believe that is what scares people the most.  You seek the opinions of those close to you in order to convince yourself that once you take the leap into this life altering decision, that they will ride this wave by your side.  Despite the fact that it will more than likely not change a thing for them, you take comfort in knowing whether or not they support the choice you have made. 

After you have shared your thoughts and feelings about your dilemma and they have voiced their opinions, you walk away glad that you shared, but no more decided than you were prior to the conversation. 

This is because all you ever really needed to make the decision to take that job, leave that relationship, make that move, or marry that boy was inside you all along. 

No one knows what is better for you than you.  No one knows your dreams, your desires, or your true feelings better than you can know them yourself.  So it all comes down to you.  Do you have it?  I think it is there in all of us.  It may take some time to find once in a while, but it is ever present, waiting to show the world the beautiful person within.  Go for it, and life will always be better than yesterday.

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