Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Has The Time?

Everyone I know has one thing in common.  They all complain that they have no time

I will admit that time is a precious commodity in today's society, but I would also say that many of the issues we have with time in our personal lives are things that we bring onto ourselves.

Of course, between working, raising children, and running a household, most adults are busy creatures.  But those are the basics.  Most of us go so much further with activities that are not required for maintaining our life styles that we really only bring the time management issue on ourselves.

For example, I work two part time jobs.  I have a six year old daughter.  I maintain my own residence.
The basics right?
But then, I go to school full time.  I am homeschooling my daughter.  I am the chapter treasurer of the ACLU at my college.  I do volunteer work.  I write this blog.  I have pen pals via email.  I sell on ebay, etsy and amazon.  I visit friends and family  regularly.  I have a facebook page.  I watch movies.  I play with my daughter as well as a thousand other things a day. 

So whats my point?

Everyone says they have no time.  Really what they mean is that they have filled all the hours in the day with things that they want to do and things they need to do and can't find time to do more.  Everyone is busy, but try to make time for personal, real, one on one, face to face interaction with live bodied people as often a possible.  If friends as you for drinks don't say no so you can stay home and do the dishes and vacuum and check your facebook to be jealous of all the awesome status updates they are posting while you have dishpan hands.  Go out and do it too!  The dished will be there tomorrow.  Live your life.  You'll be grateful in the long run.

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